Body & Lifestyle Transformation Online Programme

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Body & Lifestyle Transformation Online Programme

from 141.48

We show you how to lose up to 15-20lbs of body fat, feel stronger & tone up.

Fulfilment and the ability to get the body and lifestyle that you deserve.

How can our online programme can help you?

You will get 24/7 support and the same personalised service at a much lower cost. You can ask any questions that you want and get them answered in less than 24 hours rather waiting for next week’s session.

It is hard to keep focused, staying on track.

Lack of spare time.

Have a stressful job and physically tired all the time.

Struggle with workload and health - lack of energy and motivation.

Surely you can diet and diet and then put the weight back on after your diet. What will make a difference is to learn how to make educated choices.

My name is Jenny Mayor, a wellbeing coach and quailed personal trainer with experience in weight loss, personal development, emotional management and leadership.

I work with my clients to get them to reduce their body fat, tone up, improve focus and concentration, feel stronger and more confident.

Here is what some of our clients say…

"I think the programme is great. I lost more than 10kg" Zainab (22lbs!)

“I cannot recommend Jenny at the Holistic Workshop highly enough. I did a lot of research before meeting Jenny and I can honestly say she is the best out there. She is totally approachable and encouraging while also constantly pushing you to be your best. She has completely changed my perception of training and she has instilled a love of exercise that I did not have before, which is the greatest gift! Thank you so much Jenny!”


“ It’s been good that you tailor our workouts with things that you know I enjoy, as well as things that will challenge me.  I was impressed by the way you could always get me to do things that I really thought I couldn’t, or just didn’t want to!  You have a way about you that is very gentle and supportive, but also very powerful.  Like a Jedi. “


A simple step by step programme designed for YOU. Everything is personalised so you learn how to fit your goals into your lifestyle. No fuss, no quick fixes, just real commitment and a simple programme that is easy to follow.

It can be so confusing. Which is why keeping it simple is better. That is what you will get with this programme.

Choose from:

  • Pay for three months in one payment of £382.00 (SAVE 10%)

  • Monthly instalments of £141.48

Don’t let lack of energy and time stop you from becoming a strong and confident YOU!

All included if you enrol on the programme TODAY

What you get…

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • Fortnightly skype/whatsapp accountability calls

  • Customised training plan

  • Food, emotions and gratitude diary support

  • Free access to our workshops

  • Sample meal plans

  • Recipe guide

  • Video training on workouts, lifestyle, habits, emotional training and mindset

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