Get rid of stress and increase your energy programme

Where you are at…

You might feel like your life never stops. There is something or someone stressing you, constantly having deadlines, demanding clients or dealing with family problems. Due to stress, you might feel anxious, sad, fearful, frustrated, irritable threatened or burned out.

What problems you might be facing now…

You might be experiencing anxiety attacks, depression, tired or mentally exhausted. You might not feel very productive and you might not feel as happy as you used to. Stress can affect you emotionally and physically. You might find yourself snapping at people, drinking or eating more, avoiding people and not having enough energy to spend with your family and friends.

What you might need help with now…

What you need is to understand that stress is affecting your life. You need to make a decision to do something about it and to understand what is causing you to feel this way. You can control the way you feel about stressful situations and people. There are techniques and strategies that can help you to take control of your emotions.

How the “Get Rid Of Stress And Increase Your Energy Programme” will help you…

This is programme will support you to understand stress and other emotions that come with it. Stress is deeply linked to other aspects of your life. You can finally take charge of the way you react to stressors, feel relaxed and happier.

On our initial consultation, we will discuss your current problems and how they are affecting your life. We will explore a step by step process to manage your emotions. We will break wellbeing into the following and reflect on each:

  1. Thought and mindset

  2. Movement and physical activity

  3. Breathing techniques

  4. Healthy eating

  5. Sleeping patterns


  • Feel relaxed and happier

  • Improve your overall mental health

  • Increase energy levels

  • Improve your relationships with others

  • Become more resilient

This programme includes:

  • One-to-one sessions

  • Mood and gratitude diaries

  • Weekly activities

  • Guest and expert interview videos

  • Workshop or social event twice a year