Lifestyle Performance Accelerate Programme

Where you are at…

You are trying to achieve your professional, personal or physical goals by yourself through willpower and external motivation, but the results didn't last and in the same time it doesn't feel good trying to do it.

What problems you might be facing now…

You are sacrificing some of your days for solving problems, getting results and success without realising, losing touch with an authentic life, because "It's not good enough yet".

Some times you fall under the mercy of excessive distractions, watching dumb things on TV, fuelling your body with un-healthy food, small addictions and other forms of escape. Anything to escape from the actual work, that will get you the actual results.

Instead you are constantly reminded by feelings of anxiety saying "I'll never be as good as I want..." beating you inside. (in silence)

What you might need help with now…

Incorporate high-performance habits in your life and learn how to access the "State of Flow" on your command! This is a specific state of perfect focus, where you're not consciously thinking about what you're doing but you just see yourself doing it and it feels like an effortless performance, where you attack each step of your work with perfect accuracy, moment by moment.

Learning how to use "The Flow" or working "In The Zone" it's such a huge advantage to skyrocket your overall performance, your career and ultimately your life, because "Flow State" is fundamental for wellbeing and happiness. In fact people with regular access to Flow report the highest level of life satisfaction.

A 10 year study was made by a global consultancy and they found that top executives in the state of Flow, are 5 times more productive than out of Flow. Five times more productive is 500% more productive. It means you can go to work on Monday, take Tuesday through Friday off and get as much done as your work colleagues the whole week. It also means that 2 days in Flow you are 1000% more productive than the competition. So let it land for a second and think about it.

Even from a scientific point of view, pretty much every gold medal or world championship that's ever been won, has Flow-State at its heart.

It also turns out that the cost of entry to access the Flow state, is to just be human. Even knowing that is an advantage, when our society's general assumption is that only extreme sports athletes or grand masters can use the state of Flow and perform at a super human Level.

How the “Get Rid Of Stress And Increase Your Energy Programme” will help you…

This is a 4 weeks program of 1 session each week, designed to teach you the oldest lessons known to man, in a complete customised training format.

This program will build your life around your best qualities and "Flow State" becoming 500% more productive and increasing energy levels as a result.

Every session is complete with the latest and most cutting edge methods, that took us a decade to figure out and it comes with:

-Mental focus, Primal body-movement exercises and Flow triggers, in a Full proof accountability system and much more!


  • Complete life transformation into a "Structured but Free" and Obsessed but Happy" Lifestyle

  • Amplified daily performance through a massive boost of performance enhancing chemicals release

  • Massive boost in natural and intrinsic motivation

  • Massive boost in physical performance (increased strength - deaden pain - amplified muscle reaction time)

  • Speeds up the rate of learning

  • Take in more information per second and increase data acquisition

  • Faster connections between incoming information and older information, increasing pattern recognition

  • Increase in lateral thinking or "outside the box" thinking

  • Be able to incorporate Flow trigger habits not only in your day to day life, but in your job, business or your organisation as well

  • Working in Flow State can cut Malcolm Gladwell's "10.000 hours to mastery" in half!

This programme includes:

  • Full bulletproof Monthly-Weekly-Daily Plan

  • 4 one-to-one sessions divided in 4 weeks

  • Mental focus and Emotional presence exercises, as well as Primal body-movement and Flow State triggers, incorporated into daily habits

  • Weekly personal optimisation

  • Online accountability system