Fitness Classes…

Free Bootcamp with OurParks


A fitness boot camp class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises, with interval and strength training. Every Saturday from 5th January at 10am, Wandle Park, Cornwall Rd, Croydon, CR0 4X. All you need to do is register for free, book the class and I will see you there every Saturday at 10am!

Salsa Fitness

A mix between South American salsa and exercise, 45 minutes of fun leaving you refreshed for a busy day ahead!

Do you enjoy dancing and high intensity training? Then this class is for you. You will be working out those extra calories and having tonnes of fun at the same time. There is no point to force yourself to do boring exercises if you do not enjoy them.

Salsa beginners, intermediate and advance are all welcome.

Box Fit

A popular method of exercise which is great to improve strength, balance, posture, coordination, power and stability. BoxFit is great fun and it will improve your cardiovascular fitness (so your heart and lungs), agility and muscle mass.

Circuit training

A fun way to build your fitness levels which will increase your cardiovascular health (make your heart stronger), muscular endurance. You will also have knowledge to train by yourself and you even get to meet people and socialise in the class. Low to medium intensity.

Parkour fitness

Great to work on your movement ability. You will be challenged physically and mentally in each class through exercise and games. This is a fitness session based on the parkour movements so get ready to burn tonnes of calories.


Salsa fitness improves cardiovascular fitness as your body uses the aerobic energy and anaerobic systems. Not to mention how much fun it is! It is literally hard but you will feel empowered and strong at the end of the session. And as a bonus, you will burn calories even after the workout.