Corporate Wellbeing Programmes

Corporal wellness programmes london


Wellbeing programmes include wellness workshops, fitness posture and mindfulness classes, stress and anxiety sessions, leadership coaching and healthy eating at work sessions. The number of sessions and workshops will depend on your business size and requirements.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness workshops to improve your team’s mental and physical health, they also help to enhance social skills and improve your company culture. Employees that are mentally and physically healthier, approach work with more energy and motivation.

corporate wellness workshops london
Employee Fitness Classes London


You can choose between private or group sessions. This will be discussed on your initial meeting and if possible with members of your team. In between sessions, your staff will get techniques to manage their stress and energy levels.

Leadership at work London


The sessions aim to educate your staff to make better food choices and to explain the importance. Encouraging a good nutrition at work can be beneficial for your staff and your organisation as well.

office classes

Fitness, mindfulness, yoga, dancing, posture correction and pain prevention classes delivered weekly. Office classes can be held before or after work, during lunchtime or at the weekend. You and your team decide.

Stress and anxiety at work london

leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is offered to support your senior managers, CEO and team leaders in order to create a great company culture. This can be part of a career progression training.

Nutrition at work London


Our programmes are convenient, we are flexible with our times and we come to a location that is suitable for you and your team. In order to guarantee success, we make it easy for your partners, executives and team members to participate. On-site training, at their homes or a close location to your premises.