Children & Primary School Programmes


Our aims are to:

  • Help children to deal with emotions and exam pressure

  • Improve mental health in young children

  • Help students to become more confident

  • Increase student achievement

  • Provide relief to teachers

  • Fight obesity and weight related health problems

  • Fight bullying in your school


Key Stage 1

Healthy living week workshops primary schools london
book school workshops london

key stage 2

Healthy living week workshops primary schools london KS1 and KS2 students

Encouraging mental and physical health is a key element for children to perform better in school, socialise and be better behaved. We are passionate about our mission and we offer a range of services from introduction of different sports, weekly or daily workshops to support for parents. 

Working along side your school’s wellness policy, we aim to design the perfect programme to suit your school’s budget.
Prices vary depending on the programme chosen.