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What is combat fitness training?


Have you tried boxing or combat fitness? Well I didn't before but when I trained for combat fitness, I love it!

Would you like to have fun and train at the same time? 

Boxing or combat fitness will help you to increase endurance, tone up, increase agility and speed. There is also a number of benefits that you will benefit from:

  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Boxing uses aerobic energy and it improves your body’s ability to take in and use oxygen. As your ability to transport and use oxygen improves, you can perform regular daily activities with less fatigue.

  • Decrease stress and boosts confidence and self-esteem

Boxing and combat fitness gives you an inner strength you probably do not realise that you have. When you punch, your brain increases the production of endorphins, the neurotransmitters that create a good feeling in your brain. It is a great workout which is fun and relieves tension.

  • Improve body composition

Boxing requires a great deal of speed, agility, endurance and power and when you train you will develop some of these athletic skills. It helps to increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat mass. 

  • Improved hand and eye coordination

Motor skills are developed during childhood but we rarely work on them as adults. Boxing or combat fitness is great to work on your motor skills, practice and develop your hand-eye coordination.

And the best thing is you can practice your moves with dumbbells or you can play a few tunes and do a dancing combat fitness routine! Give it a go and give us your feedback...