Top 10 tips to lose weight

And here is the big question: What is the best way to shed that extra fat? Well, determination of course! And before you think to yourself “yeah yeah here we go again” “I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works!” "Easier said than done" or "easy for you to say" Please hear me out. I promise you this blog will be the beginning of an amazing journey to get your body in shape and to start feeling confident, powerful and happier!

1. Decide! Make a decision and make a real commitment that you will reach your goal. You must decide and enjoy every minute of it. Find some activity that you like and try it, give it a chance and show up every time!

2. Try to be happier, research shows that your body reacts according to your emotions, even others perceive your energy! So, show those beautiful teeth, fake it and you will soon realise that you feel much better anyway.

3. Drink a full glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. And do not forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

4. Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption. There are roughly 100-145 calories per glass of wine or bottle of beer! And that is just 1 glass or bottle. Not to mention how dehydrated your body is the next morning. 

5. Eat healthier. This is a must, stay away from fried up foods. Include plenty of vegetables to your meals, these will provide enough nutrients to make sure that your body is satisfied. Replace snacks and refined sugars with fruits, for example, a banana will you nutrients required and event hough it contains sugars in from of fructose, bananas also contain fibre which assist in the slow absorption of sugars and it helps to keep the digestive healthy.

6. Your last meal of the day should be your smallest portion. For example: one piece of chicken with a handful of vegetables or one piece of salmon with a small portion of salad. And never skip your breakfast as your body will require energy to carry out its daily tasks. 

7. Think of weight loss as being on a caloric deficit. What is a caloric deficit? Well, Caloric deficit=calories in > calories out. This means reducing your portions or use smaller plates. Be honest with yourself and be patient. Understand that you will feel hungry when you first start to reduce your portions, your body will need to adjust to your new eating habits.

8. Have a day off from exercise and reducing your portions. This will have a positive effect on your metabolic rate. And this will also make the new changes in your lifestyle manageable. 

9. Get help, try a class, go to a gym, find a professional, read books, watch videos and educate yourself. Learn about food nutrition and physiology. When I was doing my course, I was shocked to find all this information so useful that i was often wondering why food education, physical activity and mental health were not the main subjects in school! Question everything that you eat, what nutrients am I getting from this meal? what is this food doing to my body? Is this helping me to live longer? And is my food helping me to have a better quality of life?

10. Believe in yourself. Start with small changes and be patient. Speak to your partner, family or a trusted friend for support. Do not be discouraged if their initial reaction is not a positive one. They will listen and understand if they know that you are serious about your goal. Always remember your goal and the reasons why you want to achieve it.

believe in yourself and your potential

Stay healthy, happy & motivated!

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