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How to get the most out your team?

Team development and motivation are crucial for your company’s financial performance.  This is why companies like Apple, Netflix and Google invest in their workforce, without a good team of people, a company is nothing.

Here are some points to consider on:

1. Development programmes to match the company’s goals

Fulfilment is one of the basic needs of human beings; progress and achievement are key ingredients in the recipe for happiness. Every member of your team should be developing skills for their own benefit and the benefit of your company. Therefore, in order for your company to gain loyal and hard-working employees, your team must understand the company’s aims and their role in achieving this. I must hesitate to how important it is for you to encourage development, this will guarantee a great and motivated team who is always looking for innovative ways to improve and boost sales.

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2. Make your team feel valued

If you have the privilege to have read a book by Dale Carnegie called “How to make friends and influence people”, you would know that listening to your team is very important. Carnegie quotes “be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.” This is very true; it works for your relationships with your team as it would for your relationships with a member of your family or your friends.  Making your team feel valued, remembering their names, treating them with dignity and respect, will encourage a positive working environment, your team will feel happier in their roles and therefore they will be more efficient.

3. Reduce stress in the workforce

The more stress anybody has, the worst shape they will be in. Decision-making and productivity are also affected by stress. Your team’s decisions will affect the future of your company and your sales. And as a manager or director, you can change the way your team deal with stressful situations, find the right strategies and put them in place, seek and provide training. Encourage your team to look and feel better about themselves, encourage them to start each day with a positive approach and teach your team how to control their emotions instead of reacting to every external factor.

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4. Lead and inspire your team

Work harder, have a positive approach, lead a healthy life. Your team will look up to you and they will follow you if they admire you, it is that simple. There is nothing that you and your team cannot achieve together if you all believe it can be done, but this all starts with you and your ability to communicate what needs to be done. Give your team a reason to go to work every day, inspire them, learn new skills, take new classes, grow as a person and encourage them to develop new skills as well -as mentioned above- Lead by example, and never expect any of them to do, what you would not do yourself.