Achieving goals in 2018

Super healthy you in 2018!

Personal trainer in London

Personal trainer in London

Are you up for a challenge so that you become this super healthy you in 2018?


Do you have all the information but somehow you struggle to achieve your goals?


Do you want to do something for you and only you? 


Come on! I think you deserve to be selfish now and again. You must work on yourself first! otherwise how else are you going to help someone else? 

When I was younger, I struggled to keep weight on. It was only until I discovered weight lifting that I started to build muscle and tone up. And when did my certificate in level 3 fitness and nutrition, ah! it all made sense.

The training you must follow is very specific to the goal that you have. The overall goal for most of us is to increase muscle mass and reduce your fat percentage. 

However, any goal starts with defining what you want and becoming really clear on what you want. Here are some easy steps to follow: (We advise to write these down)

  1. Be very clear:  So, here is where you decide what your goal is, make sure you choose your goal wisely, choose to be healthy. Be as specific as you can, how much weight you want to lose/how much stronger/how tenner you want to be, how long will it take you. Your goal must be SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-framed).

  2. Decide you will achieve: Why do you want your goal? write down all the consequences for you to fail and write all the benefits. Think of how amazing your life will be, how much you will grow as a person and how this will boost your confidence. You must decide that you will achieve your goal, no matter what, you will find the right way that works for you.

  3. How will you achieve it? This is where you will educate yourself on how you are going to achieve your goal. Now that you have a very clear picture of what your goal is, find out how you can achieve it, try a method for 1 month and keep a record. Is this approach working for you? If it is how effective is it? Find out if you can speed the process? Alternatively, if it is not working, find out a different approach. 

Not to mention, you can actually apply these steps to any goal. You can surprise yourself and find out just how strong you are. This can be an opportunity to learn something new. Knowledge is potential power and applying that knowledge makes you unstoppable!