How to create leaders and team members

Many companies help their teams to develop an extraordinary personal image which matches or relates to the company’s own branding. 

What is personal image or branding?

Such a complex concept and yet we have and develop ours every day of our lives. Personal image or branding is what we wish (consciously or unconsciously) for others to associate with us, our company and what our name represents to others.

Erika Scarth, an amazing person and career coach from Living Inspired, worked with us to organise a small workshop with some members of the Investment banking team at Metro Bank. We explored personal image or branding, and what we discovered from them was amazing. Metro Bank’s unique culture, training methods, development and career opportunities help their happy employees to grow personally and professionally.  And their great success is proof that Sir Richard Branson was right when he said, “If you take care of your employees, they will take of your clients”.

Metro Bank is a very good example as they take their branding very seriously. They invest in their employees from the moment they start with them by offering training, development, people and leadership skills, which they then apply in their roles to meet their customers’ expectations. The attendees of the workshop had outstanding personal images, they were all well presented, had very good manners, strong work ethics and organisational skills. And we were truly honoured to be able to deliver a practical workshop for these amazing individuals who not only were extremely good at their job but who were genuinely great people.

So how do we create leaders and team members in our companies?

Better relationships at work, at home and in our society

There is nothing better for people than to enjoy going to work, if the commuting is not bad enough, now imagine getting to work to a toxic environment where colleagues’ or management’s moods are volatile. Therefore, to enhance positive working environments, management, company directors and owners must invest in their teams make sure there are better communication, emotional intelligence and employee growth.

 Less negative emotions such as fear, stress, anger, sadness and hostility

Identifying areas that need improvement in our companies will prevent catastrophic consequences for profits and employee retention. Negative emotions can affect business operations as well as how the outside world views the company. Emotional intelligence can influence reactions and emotions in the workplace, it is often forgotten that it is the key element for great communication and good decision-making.

 Increased morale

Employees who are happier are efficient, they tend to make clearer and better-informed decisions. Teams tend to work in the same direction and get better results if their members enjoy working with their colleagues and if they feel appreciated and valued. It is important to note that our economy is very volatile and with recent political news, people tend to worry and struggle to cope with it all; it is crucial to keep everyone’s spirits up with regular team meetings and training.

Higher staff retention

Companies that invest in workplace perks such as a high salary, flexible schedule, company car, own office will most likely retain their best employees, but all these perks will not be enough if a person feels unhappy, stressed, underappreciated. Investing in people will allow them to identify and manage their emotions and it will result in a reduction of hiring costs and enhance a more positive working environment as well.

Better leaders

People that tend to rarely let their temper get out of control, no matter what situation they face are considered great leaders. They have respect and admiration from their staff and everyone around them, they tend to listen (and really listen to understand and not just to answer) to others and at the same time are very in tuned with their own emotions. The mastery of own emotions can take some practice and it will require mental discipline, which can be acquired with the guidance and determination.

 Genuine personal improvement

 Staying true to ourselves and our values gives us the freedom to explore what is really important to us. It is important to change and develop but we must never lose sight of what defines us. We must find a way to understand our inner self, our values and what we are passionate about. We must seek guidance from books, videos, training sessions, seminars, workshops and other successful people; but we must honour our own brand and our calling in life, we must lead our own path and do not try to follow or imitate. 

You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

At times, situations affect our emotions in a way that it feels nearly impossible to control them and we often forget our full potential as human beings and our ability to cope. It might take someone or something to remind us that we need to work on ourselves. It is very important to stop and think of ways to start our day with a more positive attitude, to look for alternatives and to think clearly before reacting to external factors. Our lives are much more fulfilled just by seeing things differently; not only this, but other people will perceive this positive energy, our personal and business relationships will improve significantly.