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Teddy B's visit to Westfield Primary School

Teddy B went to Westfield Primary School this week and he loved it! All the kids learned lots and had fun!!!!

At 3:10pm yesterday we were moved by all the waves and smiles from the students from Westfield Primary School in Surrey. It was very emotional when a few students came and told us “I used to be shy, but I am not anymore” after our sessions. These are the moments where we can say that all our hard work, sacrifices and practise are totally worth it.

On Tuesday we had the honour to deliver “self-esteem”, “Mental Health” and “Managing Emotions” workshops to Year 2’s Ants, Caterpillars and Dragonflies and Your 3’s Owls, Robins and Swans. On Wednesday we mainly delivered “Building Self-confidence” and “Resilience” to Year 4’s Kingfishers and Woodpeckers and Year 5’s Penguins and Puffins.

A massive “THANK YOU” to all the teachers and TA’s, you did a fantastic job and helped us massively to keep order in each group.


Our aim was to transform the way students think about themselves and to help to understand how powerful thoughts are and how they would affect their goals, people around them and how others perceive them.

Managing Emotions

Understanding emotions was the key. Using stories, games and activities we explored what feelings were, their meaning and how to communicate them effectively.  

Building Self-confidence

Helping them to identify their priorities and what is important to them helps them to make decisions based on their own values. Instead of looking to develop confidence from external factors, students are asked to look for internal sources, using what is important to them and body language.


We were surprised to see how much students knew about resilience and all the great examples that they were giving us. Students were asked to solve problems and to think about their current goals. We explored ways to make goals achievable and how to use a positive mind-set to improve their resilience.

And last but not least, a round of applause to Abigail and Teddy B!!!! You guys were fantastic!

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