How to lose weight without a diet?

How many people would love to look at themselves in the mirror and say WOWW….What a handsome guy or what a sexy girl? And before you say it, yes considering yourself sexy or handsome is indeed a state of mind. But it does not hurt to feel better and to look better!

In this article I will give you tips that have been said before, tested and proven all over the world by people with many years of experience and qualifications. This stuff is controversial as it is so simple that it almost sounds “too good to be true”.

Nutrition in London

Here it goes: ”Timing” and “portion size”

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”?

Hah! Rule number 1 for achieving your ideal weight and to feel great inside out. What no one tells you is why this is true and here it is, plain and simple:

Breakfast: Skipping breakfast means that your body goes into a prolonged fasting state, by the time you have lunch, your metabolism slows down because who knows when you will eat again right?! Your decision making and physical performance are poor, your brain and muscle cells need energy to function. It has been proven that students do better at school when they have breakfast and employees have better problem solving skills too.

Lunch: Eating at regular intervals will ensure you have regular energy intake and it will keep your productivity levels higher as well as helping you to have a faster metabolism. Having lunch is also linked to lower stress levels, by nourishing your brain with food, oxygen and water, you will give your brain the opportunity to relax and to come back to your desk with a clearer and more productive mind.  

Dinner: And here is where the miracle happens and when we need to keep our portions controlled. Larger portions lead to more calories.  Honestly, this is the secret, you will not need that many calories at night (unless you work at night of course!) your body is getting ready to relax and does not need as much energy anymore.

So what really happens when you eat a heavy evening meal? And specially late at night?

Well, just that you will feel bloated in the morning due to acid build up in your stomach, food will also be more likely to be stored as fat and you will wake up extremely tired because your body has been working hard to digest all these food while you were sleeping. This is a no brainer, just avoid it eating late at night!

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Results will depend on the efforts that you put in and if you are following the right strategies. You are guaranteed to see results and feel great as long as you have a clear picture of your goals and the reason behind them.

Stay healthy, productive and happy!